Earthquakes 2021


Abigail Eklund , Contributor

Over the past month or so, the world has been experiencing an increase in earthquakes. The normal size of the earthquake range has increased many significant levels. The way levels of earthquakes increase can be by oil rigs when they dig too deep and cause shifts in the earth’s plates. 

On October twelfth Palekastro, Greece had a 6.4 earthquake that caused a tsunami warning to set off in the town. This earthquake caused destruction throughout the town. This wasn’t the only earthquake that caused chaos throughout the world. In Haiti this August there was an earthquake that caused many lives to be lost as well as homes. There was an estimate that the number of people that got hurt during the earthquake was around 12,000 people. This earthquake was said to be on the same fault line as the size seven earthquake eleven years ago. 

In Haiti said that “The Tropical Storm Grace created more challenges for survivors who struggled to find shelter. The storm’s heavy rains passed the Caribbean island on Tuesday, August 17,2021, causing widespread flooding and landslides, hampering search and rescue efforts”  It was a very devastating time for the people of Haiti because it made people live on the streets and lose their homes as well as family members. 

This was not only the devastating earthquake to hit. A magnitude six point nine earthquake struck off the coast of Juneau, Alaska this earthquake was an aftershock from a 7.0 earthquake that happened in late July. This aftershock caused warnings to go on in Hawaii for a tsunami. The warning that went off was just as a security measure, nothing happened to Hawaii but the edge of Juneau, Alaska got the most of the damage.