Venom: Let There Be Carnage Movie Review


Londyn Lockwood, Contributor

In the closing credits of the original movie venom we got a taste of the possibility of a darker side of Venom showing Woody Harrelson as Carnage. A serial killer who absorbed some of Venom’s symbiote while breaking out of prison…or so we thought. In the original Venom we were lead through the movie with a much darker theme full of surprises. This time around Disney treated us to a modern Marvel version of the Odd Couple, with less humor but the same slapstick. Venom: Let There Be Carnage had the same actors with the addition of Woody Harrelson who has never seen a supporting role he didn’t like.  Woody Harrelson played an excellent character role. His character was more jovial then psychotic. As you watch the development of his character throughout the movie it seems rushed for the interaction with Venom for the climax. Throw in the fact that it all for love of a women he knew when he was a kid seems a little less plausible. Naomie Harris’ character “Shriek” had no character back story other than being a youthful love interest to Woody Harrelson’s character. Yet, she was the driving force to Carnage’s rage and retribution to society as a sociopath. 

Tom Hardy‘s portrayal and symbiotic union with Venom seems more like a comedy of errors. We left the first Venom movie believing that the agreement between Eddie and Venom was going to be that Venom could eat bad guys and Tom Hardy would stop being a “loser.” What we got was Disney wanting to reach out to a wider fan base with deeper pockets with a PG-13 rating. Disney obviously wanted to turn this into two hours for the whole family to come watch. Disney kept it more jolly with more silly slapstick then letting it traverse the darker side of the Marvel universe by going dark with an “R” rating. Eddie Brock still can’t get the girl and Venom has to eat chocolate instead of biting the heads off of bad guys. And then, when Venom and Eddie Brock separate you get a chance to see that Eddie Brock is about as shallow a character without venom as there is. You can’t even feel sorry for him. After separating from Eddie Brock, Venom had the opportunity to jump from person to person and feed himself without the rules set forth by Eddie as his host. One head at a time. He ended up at a rave whining. Disney missed a huge opportunity to show what each character brings to the table. 

This movie presented more like an ABC after school special of love, heartbreak, disappointment and learning to trust again then a chance for Disney to make a dark follow up of the Venom original. All and all I would give this movie a 6 out of 10 for good action all the way through but a waste of time trying to be silly with a hodgepodge of minimum character development without much back story .


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