What the Florida!? – Week of October 11-17


Oliver Jamias, Contributor

Man Wielding a Sword Sets Roadway on Fire and Floods Holding Cell

Scott Taylor, a man previously visited by authorities for illegal burns, was discovered among four-feet flames when police were called to investigate a fire that engulfed a roadway. In one of his hands was a sword, and in the other was a bottle of rum, which he continued drinking in front of the authorities. After being disarmed by the police, he was asked as to why he started a fire on his roadway, which he was unable to provide an answer to. Taylor was then promptly taken to a police station to face charges. When in his holding cell, Taylor then intentionally broke the fire sprinkler inside, flooding the cell and the booking room, causing him to be transferred to be the county jail, where he is to face charges.

Man Traps Alligator in Recycling Bin to Save His Daughter

Eugene Bozzi, a 26 year-old army veteran, gained viral recognition when a video of him scooping up an alligator on his lawn was posted online. The 1.8 meter long reptile hissed at Bozzi’s daughter, prompting him to grab a nearby recycling bin and trap it inside. While doing so, a local crowd began to form, and Bozzi and the alligator became trapped in a standoff, where both Bozzi and the alligator refused to move. This ended when the army veteran rushed forward, trapping the alligator inside the bin. He then struggled with the alligator inside the bin as he brought it back to a local retention pond. After a short time, he then returned to retrieve his recycling bin.

Sharks Surround Swimming Surfer

Eli McDonald, a surfer, experienced a close shave with a school of sharks while swimming off shore. The trouble began when McDonald decide to surf alongside a school of smaller mullet. The fish provided no immediate threat, but their presence soon attracted a group of slightly more dangerous fish. Laura Evans, McDonald’s fiancĂ©, first noticed the danger when the mullet school started jumping into the air. While snapping photos of the fish, she observed larger fish beginning to circle McDonald, which when she realized the danger her fiancĂ© was in. According to Evans, “every surfer in the water was beelining for the shore.” Fortunately, McDonald managed to do the same, as he was able to safely swim back to the shore following this close encounter.

Man Shoots Government Drone Out of the Sky

Wendell Goney, a 51 year old man was arrested after shooting down a police drone meant to help with a nearby burglary. After the drone was deployed, deputies soon found that it was destroyed after hearing gunfire from a local residence. Officers then approached Goney, who not only admitted to shooting the drone, but also being a convicted felon who was not supposed to be in ownership of a firearm. Deputies then arrested Goney, who now faces up to 30 years in prison if convicted on both illegally harboring a firearm and destroying a government drone.