Everhood Review


Ian Dahl, Contributor

Most video games require an expansive team of talented members in order to make something even playable, let alone something fun or enjoyable. However, Everhood shows that even a small team is enough to make a fantastic video game. Everhood, or Everhood: An Ineffable Tale of the Inexpressible Divine Moments of Truth, is an adventure indie video game developed by Chris Nordgren and Jordi Roca, the only two developers working on the entire game. The game was released after a long and dedicated development cycle on March 4, 2021 on Microsoft Windows and the Nintendo Switch.

In Everhood, you play as a red-hooded doll, nicknamed “Red”, whose arm is stolen when they awaken in an unknown world. As you chase after the thief, you meet friends and foes, engage in battles, and explore a unique, retro-styled world with many dangers. The first character Red meets is a seemingly friendly frog who greets the doll and educates the player on the basics of combat. The battle system of Everhood can be described as a music-based rhythm game, as opposed to the usual strategy-based combat in most adventure RPG video game, where the player has to avoid the enemy’s attacks using a variety of techniques such as jumping, dodging, and reflecting the enemy’s attacks back at them to deal damage. The enemy’s attacks come out with the beats and notes of the song that plays during combat, leading to intense and exciting moments as the player attempts to survive the enemy’s attacks during the rising and climax of the song.

Despite also developing the rest of the game, Jordi Roca and Chris Nordgren also composed the fantastic original soundtrack for the game, an incredibly hefty task for such a small indie team. The soundtrack is arguably the best part of the game, Jordi Roca and Chris Nordgren composed around 100 songs for the game, all of which are incredibly well-made for only two people. The songs are catchy to listen to and are great additions to the already well-developed game. They go great together with the battle system and gameplay of Everhood, creating incredibly intense and engaging fights to go along with the game’s soundtrack. The game might not be easy for newcomers to gaming, but can provide incredibly satisfying yet difficult combat encounters for experienced gamers.

Another great part about Everhood is the game’s dialogue and story. As you play through the game and progress through your quest to retrieve your arm from the thief who stole it, you encounter many interesting and unique characters along the way. Paired with humorous dialogue and well-made character designs, players will come to love the many faces they meet on their quest. The story of Everhood is compelling and keeps the player motivated to continue playing the game. There are many twists and turns in the story and by the end of the game, the player will have learned some valuable lessons along the way.