Who is Jungkook?

Michelle Castro, Contributor

K-Pop group BTS is taking over the world and has brought up many questions regarding the band. One way to better understand their success and how they came to be, is learning about the members and how they came to be a group. BTS started in 2013 with 7 members, each bringing something different to the group. They all come together to dance, rap, and sing and put on a great performance. One of the most popular members, Jeon Jungkook, is known to catch the eyes of many newcomers. But who is Jungkook?

Jeon Jungkook was born on September 1st, 1997. He is the youngest between him and his brother. He is a vocalist, dancer, rapper, and center of the group. Not only is he talented in these categories, but he is also very athletic, loves playing games, and is talented in the arts. He also helps in composing and producing the band’s songs. Some of the songs he took the lead in producing include:  Outro: Love is not Over, Magic Shop, Still With You, Stay, Telepathy, Film Out, and many more. He also has a love for directing and cinematography and his skills can be seen in the GCF (Golden Closet Films) series he has on YouTube. He also directed the Life Goes On music video, further showcasing his skills. He is known for being well rounded and being good at most things he tries. This has gained him the nickname “golden maknae” (maknae being Korean for the youngest member of a group). He loves sports, performing, and he says that if he wasn’t a BTS member, he would be a professional gamer or athlete.

Jungkook always knew he wanted to be a singer. From a young age he loved singing and he was very talented at it. This led to his decision of auditioning to many companies to be a K-Pop idol. While he was offered many contracts from varying big companies, he ultimately decided to try his luck on a small unknown company called Bighit entertainment (now known as HYBE) after seeing RM (leader of BTS) and being taken aback by his talent. Jungkook was one of the later members to join BTS at age 14 and was ultimately trained to take on the roles of vocalist, rapper, center and dancer. He finally debuted with the group on June 13, 2013. While the group had a slow and rough start to their career, they grew over the past 8 years to become one of the most popular artists today, and the most famous K-Pop artist. The group itself has brought more light and appreciation to Korean culture and has opened the minds of many. To this day he and the group are  highly regarded as amazing artists as well as amazing performers, which reflects in the demand for their concert tickets and their overwhelming fanbase.