What the Florida!? – Quarter 4 Week 2


Gunnar Strom, Contributor

Cassowaries for Sale

Cassowaries are massive birds that look very similar to ostriches. The difference is their colorful feathers, and the fact that they have massive claws on each foot, much like a velociraptor. Why, then, anyone would want to keep one of these massive creatures as a pet is as good of a question as any other. A man in Florida kept two of these birds as pets in a large cage for several years. The other day, he was attacked through the fence by one of the birds and dragged into the enclosure. By the time emergency services arrived to help the poor man, he had already passed away from his injuries. However, good news for anyone who wants to buy these extravagant and dangerous animals: they will be up for auction in a few days for anyone to buy. Just remember to give wild animals their space.

Kentucky Fried Fishing

A man on the coast of Florida was attempting to socially distance himself from others by going fishing out on his boat. His plan to stay away from people, however, failed after he caught a 33-inch fish with a very unconventional type of bait. Most people use worms, chum, or store-bought lures to catch their fish. But this man decided that he wanted to use fried chicken to catch his dinner instead – and it worked. Onlookers were amazed to see him reel in an almost 3-foot fish using nothing but a piece of fried chicken at the end of his line. The man, who was accompanied by his brother, said he had no idea it would work, but started filming when it did since they were just as surprised as other onlookers.

Easter-egg Hunting During COVID-19

To wrap things up on a more uplifting note, Easter is just around the corner and many parks and neighborhoods are having to shut down the yearly Easter-egg hunts  for all of the kids in the neighborhood. But, some people are trying to keep their spirits up by having an impromptu scavenger hunt around their neighborhoods. This way, people can distance themselves either on foot or in the car, but still have a good time and continue the Easter tradition. It isn’t just Florida doing this either, many places around the country are doing a similar thing, hoping to brighten people’s moods and get them out of the house for a bit. We could all use a little happiness during these trying times.