The Hunting of Lewis (Part 20)


Braquel Schiermeyer, Contributor

“Hello, Hannah.” 

“This can’t be right. How? Why? What?” I was confused, to say the least. This couldn’t be real. He was my stepdad. I knew him. How could he be the mastermind behind this whole thing? He wasn’t a psychotic killer who sent men out to kill people in cars. He was kind and gentle. The Josh I knew wouldn’t hurt a fly. 

“Bring the other one in,” Josh said in a booming voice. Seconds later a very large man brought a girl around my age into the room. She was gagged and she had her hands zip-tied together. I realized seconds later who it was. 

“Cali?! What are you doing here?”

“Oop sorry there’s no time for chit chat,” said Josh. 

“Why is she gagged? Why are you doing this? Why is she here? Your problem is with me not Cali. Just let her go and we can discuss what you want.” I looked over to Cali and her tear-stained cheeks and mouthed to her I’m so sorry. She said nothing in response, for obvious reasons, but I could tell she was terrified. 

“It’s going to be okay. I’m gonna get you out of here.”

“Oh Hannah, didn’t your mom tell you to not make promises you can’t keep,” said Jake. I gave him a deadly look. One of those if-looks-could-kill-you’d-be-dead kind of looks. He just laughed and walked over to Josh. 

“Okay wait, I’m confused. How do you two know each other? I never brought Jake home.”

Josh got up out of his chair that was in the middle of the room and walked over to Cali.

“I’ll explain later. Right now we have to negotiate your friend’s freedom.” He stroked Cali’s head with his hand. 

“Don’t touch her you slimy snake!” I was sure that there was steam coming out of my ears. He walked towards me. 

“You want to save your friend? All you have to do is tell me what I need to know, and no harm will come to her,” he said as he backed away and sat back down in his chair.

“What if I don’t know the answers to the questions you ask?”

“Well let’s just hope you do or else-”

“Uh sir, Mik just called. He says there’s movement at the house.”

“Ah, duty calls. We’ll finish this later,” and with that, Josh was gone.

(to be continued…)