Rick and Morty Release Date and More News of the Coronavirus Cancelling Things We Love


Chandler Ellerbusch, Contributor

Hello everyone, this is Animation News. I hope you are all keeping safe and are enjoying your time, maybe catching up on a few cartoons. Since much of the news going on revolves on the Coronavirus I will try not to focus on it as much, but I will be giving some updates on how the Coronavirus is further affecting aspects of the animation world. Today it was announced that the Annecy Animation Film Festival that was scheduled to happen June 15-20 and was preparing for its 60th anniversary was canceled due to the Coronavirus. Adult animation fans are disappointed to hear that the pandemic has also pushed back the release of Archer‘s 11th season, which was supposed to start airing May 6.

Adult animation fans worry not, for Rick and Morty has finally announced its return. Rick and Morty‘s second half of its fourth season is set to air May 3 on Adult Swim. The show’s return was announced on April 1, which had many fans wondering whether it was just another April Fool’s joke. There was a lot of debate between fans whether the announcement was true, but creators and writers on the show confirmed that the date announced was not fake: “There were rumors that ‘Rick and Morty’ Season 4’s return would be further delayed due to the coronavirus outbreak” (Armecin, 2020).

So far it seems that the show will not be pushed back further because of the Rick and Morty team’s ability to work remotely. Fans still wondered why the last five episodes of the season still took until May to come out as many fans were expecting them to come out in March or April. One theory is that it was the change in storylines that happened a couple of times in production” “According to Spencer Grammer, who voices Summer Smith, the storylines change a lot” (Armecin, 2020).

Stay healthy everyone and if you are bored catch up on a cartoon, God knows that is all I have been doing.