Tips on Staying Sane During Quarantine


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Rachel Jarvis, Contributor

As most Arizonians know, that governor Douglas Ducey has issued not only a statewide school closure, effective on March 15, 2020, that will remain closed until the end of the school year, but also a “Stay home, Stay healthy, Stay connected,” policy, that went into effect at five in the afternoon, on March 31, 2020. This basically states that people really should not be leaving their house unless absolutely necessary, and by absolutely necessary, authorities mean work if still open, grocery store runs if needed, and other things needed to do in order to survive. While no one needs documented proof of their activities it is suggested that for the health and safety of everyone, that people simply stay home. There is also a six feet rule which means that people should be standing six feet away from each other to avoid contact, and the spreading of germs. 

This should all be common knowledge if anyone has talked to anyone else or looked down at a screen this should already be known, but with all of this going on staying sane might be easier to say than do. Most of the things advertised to stay sane are pretty consistent throughout the media. Come up with a new workout, or if you did not work out before try it now because there is nothing else to do, stay in contact with friends and family video chat go through your stuff, do an easy science experiment. But for the people who have gotten bored already of staring at screens circling the same three or four apps, here are some ideas that might be more fun than doing nothing. 

Since all of Arizona is stuck in their houses, why not try something adventurous, school is out for the rest of the school year, so why not dye your hair a new color, cut those bangs or chop off your hair to shoulder length. Go through closets, dressers, old toys, there’s a high chance that there is something that will bring joy in there, maybe an old dusty bop it that was forgotten, maybe an old doll that could be given to a younger sibling, and maybe even some board games. Put together and model some new outfits, try outfits that you were too scared to wear before maybe you can put together something that you can wear after quarantine. Maybe there is even some crumpled money left in that sweatshirt you have not worn in a year. Try new crafting hobbies. Make something nice, maybe it turns out nice and you can turn it into profit. Do something with your family, or anyone else home. You will be stuck with them for a while, why not find a new show to watch as a family, or a new board game, or even themed family dinners. You could also do a hard project you have been putting off, like clean your room or organize the Tupperware cabinet. 

There is definitely a long time before quarantine ends, so if there were ever a time to get crafty, it is now. There are endless things that one can do in quarantine, it is up to the imagination, and willingness of the participants. 

For the health and safety of everyone, please sacrifice your sanity and stay six feet apart and only leave for necessities. Just for safe measures, also wash your hands.