The Benefits of Social Distancing

The Benefits of Social Distancing

Lexi Ariete, Contributor

There has been no escape from the news according to the “Coronavirus,” or, “COVID-19.” Celebrities, officials, or anyone taking caution for their safety is reminding others to keep clean and to make sure everything, including oneself, is sanitized. Hospitals are overwhelmed with both the safety of their workers and patients.

One of the best ways to prevent the Coronavirus is social distancing. When inside a household, then families and friends can stay sanitary, and keep track of who leaves or enters the house. The virus is airborne, and most people who contract the virus are unaware of it until it is too late. A recent report from CNN states that in Arizona, there have been about 1,289 cases, with 24 of them being deaths. 

Social distancing is not only beneficial for the safety of oneself but also for the safety of others. Going to the store is now an obstacle course. It is best to leave children at home instead of taking them to the store, since they are the ones touching the floors, to the demo consoles. The virus can go on for weeks, or months later than it already has, and it will get to the point of being too overwhelming if there are too many people to take care of. 

The virus spread rapidly throughout China, which means that the virus was within a lot of people before they knew. Since the virus takes time to take effect, then social distancing would be the safest option. COVID spreads like a wildfire. Everything it comes in contact with is already a victim. It spreads as easily as touching a wrapped loaf of bread that was put back on the self by someone carrying the virus. Although the thought of staying home, away from friends and other families, can seem overwhelming, once officials have the situation stable, then it would be safer for people to see each other again.

Quarantine is not as bad as everyone is making it seem. When in quarantine, there are a lot of at-home activities. Spending time with family, helping around the house. If one is not interested in those subjects, exercise is a way to stay healthy and help boost the immune system. If you like sitting on the phone, take the time to clear out the unnecessary photos saved in a phone, or change the layout of a room. Social distancing can also help with mental health. Taking time, and checking up on oneself can help calm the mind, and if needed, letting go of anything that bottled up.