Coronavirus and Online Dating


Trina Phan

During these rough times, people may wonder how to communicate with one another without physically meeting up. Since in the past few decades, technology advancements have continuously improved for people to interact with each other. However, since COVID-19 has been circulating around the globe, many nations are trying to flatten the curve by having their citizens stay at home, there aren’t times where people can hang out like they use to. Instead, people are using various types of online video chatting and online sites to meet new people. 

There has been a sufficient amount increase of users on dating apps. Surging all over, video and audio chatting sites are being used everywhere for easier access. During these hard times, humans are not meant to be alone, so having a companion helps a person mentally and emotionally. Technological advances help bring people closer together is one of the main things that help others not go insane.

This is no old news though since this type of interaction has been used in the past few years already. Rather than just blatantly like someone for their looks online from a single picture, people are now becoming more vulnerable with one another. The uncertainty of how long the pandemic can last for gives people a chance to discuss who and what they are like. For many, this gives the person some freedom from the boredom that they may have been trapped in. A benefit to online dating during this crisis is that the person does not have to get all pampered up. For example, they would not have to get ready and dress up since there is no need to meet up in person. Some might put on a little makeup to make themselves shine, but neither partners don’t need to put on deodorant, perfume, or cologne. 

However, there are some things to keep in mind whenever talking to someone new. One main tip is to always be cautious when interacting with a stranger. There will always be people who put up a front and lie about who they really are. Nothing on the internet can be erased, so choose what to say appropriately since there are those who can twist them. Take things with a grain of salt because after the whole pandemic is over, it will be the time to meet up with them personally. During this time, people are trying their best to practice good hygiene and health while hoping for the best in all the chaos that has erupted at the beginning of 2020.

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