How the CoronaVirus Pandemic is Affecting Animation Studios

How the CoronaVirus Pandemic is Affecting Animation Studios

Chandler Ellerbusch, Contributor

Welcome back to Animation News. I know you guys are probably sick of hearing about the Covid-19 pandemic, but sadly it is impossible to ignore. This week we are talking about how the coronavirus pandemic is affecting Animation studios in America. Walt Disney and Pixar Animation studios have sent all employees home, where they will continue to work remotely and so far they have been on time with their productions. Unfortunately, Disney’s new movie Onward‘s box office was negatively affected by the pandemic.

DreamWorks Animation has also sent all employees home and has postponed the release of Trolls World Tour. Netflix had to send all employees to work from home ,”after an employee was suspected to have contracted the coronavirus” (Desowitz, 2020). The pandemic will affect some of Netflix’s animated fall releases, such as Over the Moon. Paramount Studios implemented a work from home policy, but The SpongeBob Movie: Sponge on the Run is still set to air May 22. Sony Pictures Animation and Warner Bros. Animation, as of March 18, has encouraged workers to stay at home, “but is actively exploring solves for remote work and more flexibility for employees who remain at the studio” (Desowitz, 2020).

Nickelodeon and CBS Television Studios are still running their productions working remotely: “The Bento Box productions, including Bob’s Burgers, Duncanville, Hoops and Central Park, all have in-house animators that use the program Harmony to handle retakes or new animation with a tight turnaround” (Andreeva, 2020). Shows such as the Simpsons and Big Mouth are adapting by doing virtual table reads and the Family Guy composer is trying to create a remote score by having musicians play their instruments at home. Many animation studios are trying to record voice actors at home as well.

The coronavirus will definitely still slow down production for many animated shows and movies: “With the way things are now, that is taking a lot longer and we’ve lost some of the ability to screen together, which also slows things down” (Andreeva, 2020). While we are being quarantined in our houses I suggest trying out a new animated show.