Parents Informed of Child’s Birth Control


Lexi Ariete, Contributor

People, even those who are under the age of eighteen, can visit a health clinic and receive birth control without parental consent. Surprisingly, it is illegal for parents to be notified when their child visited the clinic in the first place.

There is no age restriction for purchasing any form of birth control. For girls, however, they need to have started their period for their safety due to hormonal problems.

Of course, it is smart that a person is taking preventative matters when it comes to sexual activity; but, there are a lot of risks, especially for children. In 2017, there were twenty births for every one thousand women from the ages of 15-19. Teen pregnancies are very risky, depending on both the mother’s health, and the mother’s relationship with the father.

Birth control is not just used to prevent pregnancy but also to regulate periods and aid in other health problems that a select amount of women have to deal with. It is understandable for children to feel comfortable telling their parents whether they are taking birth control for birth control, but girls who are under the age of eighteen do not understand the amount of sacrifice it takes to have a child.

People who have sexual intercourse as a choice need to know the risks, and understand what will happen when expecting. Seventeen out of the fifty states banned abortions, which means that plan will not work for expecting mothers in those states. Before sexual intercourse, the people involved need to think before they do anything that they regret. 

If teens become pregnant before eighteen, then their parents would have to help out with the addition to the family, if the teen has parents who are willing to help with the child in the first place. Clinics should be allowed to tell parents who have a child under the age of eighteen when or if their child visited the clinic and is planning on taking birth control. At least if they know that their child is purchasing the pill, then they could have that extra chance of being prepared, or even talking to the child, prior to any mistakes/regrets being made. 

The point in the end, is that children who are seventeen and younger should not be allowed to purchase to receive any consumable tablet of birth control unless their parents know and permit the action.