The Steven Universe Franchise Ending this March


Chandler Ellerbusch, Contributor

Hello everyone, this is Animation News and today we are talking about a Cartoon Network show that we have been talking about for almost the entirety of this school year: Steven Universe. After the first 10 episodes of Steven Universe Future fans were wondering when their beloved show would come back and how much longer the series would continue for. A couple weeks ago a trailer launched that announced that Steven Universe Future would start airing episodes again Friday, March 6th, but also that the Steven Universe Future would be wrapping up towards the end of the month. There will be 10 more episodes in the Steven Universe Franchise. Two episodes will be aired every Friday at 7PM ET until the finale, which will be a four-part special airing March 27th.

The last episodes of Steven Universe Future will focus on Steven as a character. After the end of White Diamond’s reign back in the finale of Steven Universe, Steven feels as if his purpose has been reached. An important part of Steven’s character was helping others, but since no one needs help he is struggling with helping himself.”The increasingly unpleasant legacy of Pink Diamond continues to linger over the lives of Steven and the Gems, while a mysterious, powerful new ability imbues Steven with a pink glow, despite his desperate attempts to repress it”(Placido, 2020). After all the trauma gained during his early teenage years, especially the trauma coming from his deceased mother, Steven does not know how to keep moving forward. “As Steven’s journey reaches its conclusion, he must come to terms with the fact that not everyone can be saved, and that when his messianic purpose has been realized, Steven is still going to be left with his own problems”(Placido, 2020).

Rebecca Sugar announced,“I’m so excited for the final episodes of Steven Universe Future to be out in the world, and so grateful to our audience for supporting our show for all these years. It has been an eye-opening experience to meet the community that has come together around the show: I have been so moved, and I have felt so seen”(Sugar, 2020). The show has dealt with the issues of identity, death, mental illness, family, trauma, and other such issues in a way that helps its audience. The show has also been a very important beacon for the LGBTQ+ community. Steven Universe has been one of the most influential and groundbreaking cartoons of the last decade and will forever leave a mark on the world of animation.