What the Florida!? – Week of February 21-27


Gunnar Strom, Contributor

Man Leaves Bar, Runs Over Girlfriend, and Returns to Bar

Charles Polen had been drinking at the Coop, a bar in Florida, when he decided to leave for a drive. He was said to have been drinking all day when the accident occured. He had been with his girlfriend at the bar when he got into a fight with another man and was separated from the man. Polen did not want her to drive him home since she had been drinking all day as well, so he took her keys and she left on foot to begin walking home. After finishing his drink he went home, where he hit something on the way. A little while later, he decided to return to the bar, where he was arrested soon after his arrival. As it turns out, he had hit his girlfriend in the dark, killing her. He is currently being held in prison awaiting trial with no bail.

Men Scam Several People for $81,000

 Two men were caught running a scam out of a hotel room in Florida. Their pitch was that they would protect people’s computers from viruses for a small fee; that small fee was paid by many different people, so much so that when the pair were finally caught, they had amassed $81,000. The pair were caught after one of their “clients” realized that the operation was a scam and reported them to the police. The police intercepted the package with the money, and raided the hotel the pair were running the scam out of. Both men have been arrested on both fraud charges and existing warrants.

Woman With Bullet in Head Given Band-Aid, Released from Hospital

Shakena Jefferson is a 42 year old woman who witnessed a shooting, and thought she was lucky to only have been grazed by one of the bullets. She went to the hospital where she claims that “the doctor applied some band-aids and sent her home with antibiotics.” However, she still felt pain in her head a few days later. Upon returning to the hospital, the doctors took an x-ray, and found that she actually had a bullet embedded in her skull.