Suing California Because of Covid-19?


Selas Rivers, Contributor

The recent uprise of the Covid-19, also known as Coronavirus, has deterred companies from earning their consumer revenue. The Coronavirus has cancelled many flights, cruise ships, and possibly the 2020 Olympics. Recent spectators have accumulated a fear for the virus for it has spread closer and closer to where they reside. Many people have spoken their opinion on this rising issue. Some have said that they feel sad for those who are more susceptible to catching the virus and some have openly tormented those who have already caught the virus through social media. These people exploit their hate-fear towards them by being incompetent and ignorant of the pain the virus carriers feel. Do they really know how the Coronavirus works?

Recently California was sued for helping relocate Coronavirus patients. California was simply just trying to help out Coronavirus victims, yet “the City of Costa Mesa sued to stop the U.S. government from relocating as many as 50 people diagnosed with the Coronavirus to a “dilapidated” complex surrounded by residential neighborhoods about 40 miles south of Los Angeles,” (Source 1). Although the location was far enough from any major cities that it wouldn’t affect residents. They also claimed that they wouldn’t accept highly contagious patients out of fear that it might spread faster. California was simply stepping up, but the city responded with: “Fairview is an inappropriate location for a quarantine, as there is no way to restrict access to or from the facility; it is in some places about two hundred yards from residential neighborhoods, and there are no security measures in place to keep the quarantined individuals isolated from each other and from the residents of Costa Mesa, a city of over 113,000 people,” (Source 1).

Was their response right? Or did they react on impulse without thinking properly? If you were one of those Coronavirus patients, wouldn’t you want to be treated and given the opportunity to get better? Shouldn’t the citizens in that city have stepped up and tried to show humanity towards those foreign and American patients affected with the Coronavirus? I understand that the people fear that they might get the coronavirus if they accept them into a hospital in their state, but you must think of where they are coming from. Most of the patients that California accepted were from China. China –being the straight up communist country that they are– only gave the bare minimum to their citizens (as far as medically) without a care of whether they come out alive or not. America should help those suffering from the Coronavirus, especially if we have the technology to make a cure for the Coronavirus.