Daredevil died in crash of homemade rocket


Parker Willis, Contributor

Last Saturday, daredevil Mike Hughes died in a homemade rocket crash in Barstow, California. He was 64 years old and he has done this twice before. This was his third attempt to get to 5,000 feet.  The purpose was to determine for himself if the world was flat as he proclaimed to believe.  A steel ladder was attached to the launch pad to make it easier for Mike to get into the cockpit. During the launch, the rocket hit the ladder and started the rocket to land in disaster. The ladder ripped one of the parachutes which deployed the parachute which lead the rocket in the wrong course. The steam powered rocket wobbled in a huge arc and landed less than a minute later. His goal was to reach 5,000 feet but the rocket did not reach that and nose dived into the ground later about half a mile away from the the launch pad in the desert. The local sheriff’s department was called just before two p.m. on Saturday to a private property in the California dessert and pronounced the man deceased. There were about 60 people on site to experience the launch. Reporters, scientists, friends and family were there to watch this event but experience something different than expected.

The previous attempt was in March od 2018 in the Mojave desert. This rocket went about 1,900 feet when the parachute deployed to bring Mike safely back to the ground. Mike said after that launch in 2018 that he had pain in his back but that he was still glad he did it. The attempt before that happened in 2014 in Winkelman, Az. This attempt brought him to about 1,300 feet. Before all this rocket events, Mike Hughes was a stuntman who jumped limousines holding many guinness world records. Then he got into launching himself in rockets. He said these three rockets were just a warm up for publicity and funding for his ultimate goal to go 62 miles into the sky. The way that he would do this is in what he called a rockoon. Half rocket and half ballon. This would take him 62 miles above the earth’s surface to the edge of space. This would allow him to see for himself if the world was really round which was his ultimate goal. He was self-promoting himself all the way up to this goal. Mike Hughes was soft spirited but he was often at odds with the world because his belief in that the world is flat. He was often lonely and felt that his stunts have been forgotten. He had very little money but made his life worthwhile by doing affordable stunts. This brought excitement and purpose to his life and sometimes even money from fundraisers. He understood the risks of his stunts but he loved doing it anyways.

Even though he never accomplished his ultimate goal, he still lead an exciting and purposeful life. He also inspired many people to follow their dreams even against the greatest odds. This is why he will be remembered for contributing to this world.