Government Censorship is Not Helping China


Andres Nichols, Contributor

In recent events in the world, China has been suffering with the Coronavirus for almost 2 months. One would think that with modern medicine and China’s dedicated hospital to the Coronavirus, that the situation in China would be almost resolved. Unfortunately, this is not the case. China faces other challenges that do not help their current situation. One of these problems include China’s government censorship.

At this point, it is an undeniable fact that the Chinese government has censored the Coronavirus situation from the rest of the world. This can easily be seen with the suspicious count of  the Coronavirus death and infection toll and the sudden disappearance of people. This has only led to a severe lack of awareness of how difficult the situation actually is in China. Many people in China have demanded that they need the freedom of speech and freedom of press to spread warning and awareness so the situation does not happen again or get any worse. Instead of listening to their request for change, the Chinese government has only increased censorship. China is making the situation worse by “protecting” people from the truth.

Government censorship has prevented Chinese people and the rest of the world from being aware of the current situation. This is a problem because it allowed for the virus to spread more quickly. People such as Li Wenliang could not warn others properly about the Coronavirus well before the outbreaks had begun spreading like wildfire. He had warned people on the internet as early as of December 30, 2019, but because of the Chinese government’s censorship his efforts were in vain. Li Wenliang had unfortunately died to the Coronavirus disease after being silenced by the government on February 7, 2020. Li Wenliang is not the only one who tried to inform people of the reality of the Coronavirus and China’s actual situation. There are many others who tried to spread awareness who have been silenced and have recently disappeared. China is already overpopulated and pretending that a disease is not there would be a grave mistake.

Using press and media to inform people of a medical emergency would have prevented the spread of the Coronavirus. People in China would have been able to prepare before it was too late. The Chinese government could have allowed the current situation of China public information and received medical help from other countries. The Coronavirus is no normal flu virus as it is significantly much worse. Many people are suffering from the disease. Several thousands of people have died because the Chinese government could not allow their current state of medical emergency seem like an actual problem. Negative information is necessary for people to be fully aware of the current situation and know how to prevent it from getting worse.

As the death toll continues to rise, Chinese government censorship continues to increase. People deserve to be able to access information regarding the Coronavirus. People also deserve to have the freedom of speech and press. Blocking out the negative news in the world is not going to change the situation. It will only make it worse, because the people will suffer more because of their unawareness. The Coronavirus’s greatest ally is China’s own censorship.