McDonald’s New Merchandise

McDonalds New Merchandise

Oliver Jamias, Contributor

It’s a great day to be a Mcdonalds fan.  The fast food joint has recently released a new line of merchandise to those who want to take their appreciation of the food to another level.

On Mcdonald’s official merchandise website Golden Arches Unlimited, a new series of merchandise and clothing dedicated to the restaurant’s quarter pounder item was made available, with each being in limited stock.  This is not the first time Mcdonalds is experimenting with selling apparel though, as Mcdonalds has already released other pieces of merchandise such as socks, journals, and even hair ties.

The latest in Mcdonalds’ merchandise venture is the Quarter Pounder Fan Club, an accessory line dedicated to one of the restaurant’s signature burgers, the quarter pounder.  The items sold as part of this line are more specialized for those who want to show their dedication to the burger.  While the normal apparel and accessories consisted of everything and anything related to Mcdonalds, the Quarter Pounder Fan Club focuses solely on the menu item it’s named after.

Items in the Quarter Pounder Fan Club include stickers, pins, and calendars.  To remind people what is truly important in life, a calendar featuring a quarter pounder doing something different each month of year has been released.  Another item is a heart-shaped locket made out of 14k gold, with pictures of different quarter pounder variants inside to showcase them in their full, greasy beauty.  For those who want to make a statement, there is also a sticker that says”I’d rather be eating a quarter pounder with cheese”, allowing customers to tell people how they are truly feeling.  Lucky couples are able to get matching Mcdonalds mittens, featuring the logo of the fast food chain.  If someone just wants to keep their passion for quarter pounders subtle, there are two items that are able to do just that.  One is a white shirt that proudly states that its wearer is a part of the Quarter Pounder Fan Club, complete with the likeness of the quarter pounder itself.  The second is a solid brass pin that has the same design as the t-shirt, only smaller.

However, arguably the most unique product available from the Quarter Pounder Fan Club is a set of scented candles specifically designed to recreate the smell of a freshly-made quarter pounder.  Each set comes with 6 different scents: Sesame seed bun, ketchup, pickles, cheese, onion, and the fresh beef patty the quarter pounder is known for.  Each candle can burn for 25 hours straight, allowing buyers to get value out of these special limited-time candles.

Buyers will need to hurry if they want to snag one of these unique items.  Everything sold as part of the Quarter Pounder Fan Club is only available to be purchased in a limited quantity, and many of the high demand products such as the locket and sticker have already sold out.  For Mcdonalds aficionados, anything from this collection is a must-have, provided that it is in stock.