What the Florida!? – Week of February 8-13


Gunnar Strom, Contributor

Man Commits Murder Because He Cast a “Voodoo Curse” to Kill Another Man

Najay Marcellos Jackson is a 19 year old man from Miramar, who shot another man on January 30. The twist is that he believed that he had cast a “voodoo curse” onto his victim that was proof he was going to be killed by Jackson later that day. And what was the voodoo curse? A text from Jackson to the witness that said, “Yuh dead today.” Jackson shot the suspect in the head and fled on bike. Najay Jackson has since been arrested and is awaiting trial for murder.


Man is Arrested for the 66th Time

Most people have a run-in with the police at some point in their lives; some have even been unlucky enough to get arrested. However, few have ever been crazy enough to not just be arrested in the numbers of double digits, but to get arrested a total of 66 times is unheard of. Kizer Pontoon, a 28 year old man, has had dozens of arrests ranging from drug usage, failing to show up in court, and even grand theft. Pontoon onlys spends a few months or even weeks in jail before either his sentence is up or he bails himself out. This has been going on for years, and it doesn’t look like he’s planning to stop anytime soon.