Star Wars: Galactic Starcruiser


Lexi Ariete, Contributor

Disney World is known for the fun and excitement that can be experienced within the parks. Being Disney, resorts have to be fun according to its selected theme. Alas, in 2021, comes the opening of Star Wars: Galactic Starcruiser. A video-preview is featured on the official Disney World website. 

Reservations for the hotel will begin by the end of this year and will include a two day and night stay, although, it has not yet been stated on how much the ticket prices will be. It is not doubted for the cost of the reservations to be very expensive, but it is guaranteed for guests, Star Wars fans or not, to enjoy it. Although not official, a fan website for Disney stated that their estimated price for a three day, two night stay will be around $3,300 per person, but for a five-person cabin, it would be about $7,200. Discounted prices might be announced after the official pricing. There is also a chance of Disney including a bundle deal that includes the hotel, along with the Star Wars-themed park at Walt Disney World, Florida. The hotel is expected to be a different type of experience than the other resorts. In some of the Disney hotels, there is character dining, where characters come around while people are eating meals. Now, Imagineers plan to make guests feel part of the story. The project is one to be more involved, and not seen as a hotel, but as something where guests can live a Star Wars life during their stay. 

When guests first get onto the resort, they will enter a “launch pod,” called the Halcyon, and it will ignite the feeling of entering space. The hotel will be completely interactive, including tours of the hotel, and light-saber training for younger kids. The tour includes going into the “Bridge” where guests interact with the ship’s defense system, along with the ship’s route, and the “Engineering Room,” where children can sneak into a room meant “only for crew members.” Windows will be looking into space, instead of the usual blue sky, along with . There will be an Atrium where guests can see other “passengers” and crew members. The “Silver C Lounge” is where guests can eat, and it may feature a character dining experience. 

The goal of the Imagineers is to make both parents and children of all ages to enjoy the interactive experience. On the official Disney website, one can sign up to get updates for the hotel, such as reservations for the hotel, and other parks, along with other parks and activities. With a little over 30 official Disney hotels, Disney will have yet another time to one-up themselves. Disney, Star Wars, critics, are all  on edge, waiting for the reservations to start for the hotel. Since Star Wars: Galactic Cruiser is opening in 2021 for Florida, Disney also has to work on the Avengers Campus opening in June 2021, in the California location. Further updates will be featured on the official Disney World website.