109 U.S. Soldiers Injured from Iran Airstrike


Parker Willis, Contributor

Last month President Trump ordered an airstrike on Iran near Baghdad to kill one of Iran’s top Generals. It was very successful because we got what we wanted but just a few day later an Iranian missile hit Ain al-Asad air base in Iraq’s Anbar province. President Trump stated the day after the attack,”No Americans were harmed in last night’s attack by the Iranian regime”. Later he also said, “we suffered no casualties.”Now the Defense Department says that 109 troops have been diagnosed with traumatic brain injuries. Of those 109 troops, 76 of them have returned to duty since the airstrike last month. The U.S. has updated the number of of personnel injured 5 times since the Iranian attack. After Trump stated,”We suffered no casualties”, the Pentagon said 11 suffered from traumatic brain injuries. Then on January 24th the number rose to 34.

The number continually jumped to 109 troops. 75 troops returned to duty in Iraq after being treated. 1 returned to duty in Iraq after being treated in Germany. 27 were transported to U.S. medical facilities in Germany. 21 were transported from Germany to the U.S. for treatment. 7 are currently in route from Iraq to Germany. 5 are still being evaluated. President Trump tried to cover up or downplay the service members conditions or he just simply did not know. The numbers were continually changing and most of the service members returned to duty quickly. Even more recently Trump said that he was informed that no one was killed and that was the only information he was given. So Trump just simply was not informed of some of the more serious brain injuries. All concussions are very serious. The good news is that about 97% of concussions that are diagnosed early on are managed in a comprehensive way.

The troops that were injured were diagnosed very quickly and the military knows how to manage these injuries so they will be doing very well in a few weeks. The important thing is that they were diagnosed early and treated for that diagnosis early on to prevent anything worse. The Defense Department is providing the best possible outcomes for these troops who suffered traumatic brain injuries. Medical professional have worked very diligently to care for these service members. 70% of the 109 troops have already returned to duty to help protect our country because of those medical professionals who have worked so diligently. This is a great sacrifice and risk that these troops have made to protect our country.

The decision that Trump made to kill Iran’s top general was in fact a good decision because that general had the blood of many Americans on his hands and the past two presidents have not done anything about it. He also did not stop because no one was stopping him. Trump made the right decision to protect America. He was a great treat to America and he already killed Americans. Trump made the best decision solely to protect America. It was risking getting in a war but we are much more powerful than Iran and we both do not want a war.