Woman Finds Dog From a Can of Beer


Nic Rendon, Contributor

Three years ago, pet owner and Minnesota woman Monica Mathis lost her dog Hazel. One day in 2017, Hazel left her home and had not been seen by Mathis since that day. She started to accept the fact that she would never see Hazel again. However, thanks to Motorworks Brewing Company, she was able to reunite with her long lost companion.

While scrolling through Facebook, Monica saw a picture of a dog that looked very similar to hers. She saw the dog on the cover of a beer can from Motorworks Brewing Company. She looked a little closer and realized that it was her dog she saw, saying, “I was looking at the dogs and I was like oh my gosh, that’s Hazel.”  Mathis contacted the company, claiming that the dog in their ad was hers. To prove this, she sent vet records to the company. She then found out that the dog had somehow made it all the way from her home in Minnesota to Florida. At the time, she was being held in Manatee County Animal Services in Florida. An employee of the animal shelter Hans Wohlgefahrt told Mathis that Hazel was still happy and healthy in the shelter. When Monica Mathis first heard that Hazel was up for adoption, she was worried that she would get adopted before she got the chance to get in contact with the shelter.

Motorworks Brewing Company was doing a promotional event for Manatee County Animal Services. On their beer cans, they featured pictures of various different dogs up for adoption, including 7 year old Hazel. Proceeds from any cans sold would go to building a new shelter for the increasing number of pets that they need to house. So when they found out that one of the dogs was claimed, they were more than happy to return the dog, known in the shelter as DayDay, to her original owner. There was only one problem that they had to face. Monica Mathis lived in Minnesota, making the trip back a 1,700 mile struggle. Despite the inconvenience, Hazel was returned to Mathis on Friday, February 7. Hans Wohlgefahrt said that he enjoyed the journey, calling Hazel,“such a good little road buddy.” When asked about returning Hazel, he said,”She’s grown attached to me, but I’m happy to see this all the way through, even if it requires a really long road trip.”

Monica Mathis was overjoyed to see Hazel again, saying “I feel like I’ve gotten the greatest gift in the world to have her home.”  Many dogs stuck in these shelters do not get as happy of an ending. It warms the hearts of everyone involved to see the story end this way because it is a rare occurrence. Without the help of Motorworks Brewing Company, Mathis would have never seen her dog again. They are not the only company to promote shelters. Fargo Brewing Company does the same thing with their beer cans. Hopefully these advertisements can help give more dogs the “happily-ever-after” that they deserve.