Clearview AI Violating the Rights Of the People Or For the Benefit Of the People?


Selas Rivers, Contributor

What does Privacy mean? I looked up the definition on Privacy, freedom from damaging publicity, public scrutiny, secret surveillance, or unauthorized disclosure of one’s personal data or information, as by a government, corporation, or individual (Source 1). What does Privacy mean to you? Privacy is something that people feel they always need to keep safe. If their privacy is violated, they feel so insecure and put up a fight over it. How would you feel if your privacy rights were violated?

A company called Clearview, a facial tech and police surveillance helping company, has recently been accused of violating our privacy rights… but is it a bad thing or a good thing? It’s company director, Hoan Ton-That, claimed “the technology is saving kids and solving crimes,” (Source 2). He feels that there is a greater good for his company, for the future of the American peoples’ safety. Little did he know his company would spark controversy due to American’s rights.

The 4th Amendment stands to “protects privacy against unreasonable searches,” (Source 3). Also in the 5th Amendment, it states that it “protects against self-incrimination, which in turn protects the privacy of personal information,” (Source 3). Lastly, in the 9th Amendment, it state that “the enumeration in the Constitution of certain rights shall not be construed to deny or disparage other rights retained by the people,” (Source 3). These amendments were the defense of the public. Mr. Ton attempted to defended himself by explaining that his company can only be accessed by federal officials. That doesn’t mean that there could be corruption inside the federal occupation…

Mr. Ton’s defense has brought up suspicion from many areas, business wise. Many companies have been suspicious of his work, and few have invested in his company. He claims that “he welcomes government regulation,” but does he really? If he were really concerned with the public opinion, then he wouldn’t bypass using the government’s permission to use his company for its regulations. When you think about it, Clearview’s purpose only benefits the government and federal companies, not the people. Our rights are being violated every second that Clearview’s company is used. Federal companies, such as Police corporations, could use Clearview for a purpose, but then again, they could use Clearview for a bad reason. They could go against the government (behind their back) and use Clearview to find people and their information without their consent. If you were accused for a crime (that you didn’t commit) and the police were able to look up your name and know everything about you, how would you feel? Would you feel that your rights have been violated? I think that Clearview has violated people’s rights without our consent.