The Hunting of Lewis (Part 16)

The Hunting of Lewis (Part 16)

Braquel Schiermeyer, Contributor

I woke up a few hours later tied to a chair. I was hopelessly trying to get free when I heard a voice. It was my boyfriend’s voice. Right then, I began to worry. I worried about that my parents were probably stressed about me, and the fact that I sent Lewis to deal with his dad. Most of all though, I was worried about my boyfriend. The one that has always been there for me, might not be the guy I thought he was.

I was sitting there on the verge of crying when the door opened. Two men walked in. There was one that was about 6 ft tall with red hair and a beard. The other was about 6 ft 3′ with black hair and major biceps. At first I thought nothing of the second man, but then I looked again. It was the man I saw that night. The man who hit the Richardson’s car.  I began to panic when Jake walked into the room. “Jake, get your girlfriend under control. I would hate to have to do it myself”, said the first man.

“You touch her, you die”, Jake responded. This confused me. Why was he trying to help me? Just a few hours ago he was huddled outside Lewis’s house with a group of men that looked bloodthirsty.

“Marcus, I need to talk to Hannah alone” Jake said to the red haired hot-head standing next to me. “I need you to leave too, Dad”, said Jake to the man with the large biceps. The two men walked out and left Jake and I alone in the room.

(to be continued…)