Super Bowl LIV Commercials

Super Bowl LIV Commercials

Camden Cook, Contributor

The 2020 Super Bowl had an excellent game, but no one can forget the other major part of the annual event. The commercials gave everyone some laughs and some were real tear-jerkers, but overall they did not leave the open air disappointing.

This Super Bowl had a handful of of golden commercials that left everyone laughing. One of which was the Dorito’s Extra Cool Ranch, where Lil Nas X and Sam Elliot had an epic dance battle to the song “Old Town Road” with Lil Nas X coming out on top. The commercial really didn’t even have anything to do with Doritos until the end where it was briefly mentioned, but it was funny regardless. Another was the all new 2020 Hyundai Sonata featuring it’s “smaht pahk”. Three celebrities were featured, consisting of Chris Evans, John Krasinski, and Rachel Dratch. The three gawked over the car’s new feature all while all three used a Boston accent. This was one of the best advertised commercials of the year. In a double commercial, Matt Walsh and Wesley Snipes mourn over the death of Mr. Peanut from Planters. In Planter’s sequential commercial later in the evening, Mr. Peanut arose from the dead as what people are calling “Baby Peanut” to carry on the legacy of Planters. This commercial was clever because it brought itself more attention by using two seperate commercials to draw viewers’ attention, but really only made sense to those who were there for both parts. One other commercial that focussed on selling its products through humoring its audience was Mc Hammer time and his bag of cheetos. While in deep musical talent, the Cheetos help him to think more clearly and create some good tunes. Though Cheetos did not actually promise to work as such, but it gave some people a good laugh.

Some of the commercials that reached out to their audiences through emotion had truly inspirational moments. The most unforgettable one was by KIA with Josh Jacobs, the Raiders starting running back, reminiscing on his youth. He talks about all the things he would tell his younger self to help him: bringing up how homelessness was a very hard thing for him. The most emotional pet commercial was by WeatherTech, who praised a veterinary school or Wisconsin with a golden retriever who had survived cancer.

The commercials that filled the time in between quarters and plays this year caught the attention of many audience members through both humor and emotion, and all successfully reached their goal. of good advertisement.