The Tragedy of Mr. Peanut


Andres Nichols, Contributor

Among the many super bowl commercials, there was a particular preshow ad that featured a tragedy. Planters peanuts had presented an ad about the tragedy of Mr. Peanut, their mascot. In the commercial, Mr. Peanut was on a road-trip driving in his nut-mobile along with his friends Matt Walsh and Wesley Snipes. As they were driving there was a wild animal on the road. In a desperate attempt to avoid it, Mr. Peanut swerves and causes the nut-mobile to fall off the cliff. As the nut-mobile falls down the cliff, Mr. Peanut, Matt Walsh, and Wesley Snipes jump out of the back of the vehicle along with many peanuts that suddenly flew out. The trio were able to grab onto a branch that was on the cliff-side. Unfortunately the misfortune did not end here. The branch began to break! At that moment, Mr. Peanut knew what he had to do. He let go of the branch to save two friends. Mr. Peanut has a downhearted fall and fell on top of his crashed nut-mobile. The impact of him landing of the car caused an explosion, ensuring that his death had really happened.

Mr. Peanut’s death was undoubtedly melancholy. However his death also brought an important message for all to drive responsibly and ensure that everyone in the vehicle is safe so that nobody dies falling off the cliff-side. always focus on the road before having a peanut party while driving. Unfortunately Mr. Peanut had too much of a blast and could not stop in time and lamentably fell off the cliff-side. Rest in peace Mr. Peanut, your death was truly honorable. Mr. Peanut has truly lived an admirable life since 1916. Wait…

There was another Planter’s ad that was released during the Superbowl. In this ad, Mr. Peanut’s funeral was being held. Many other mascots such as the  Kool-Aid Man and Mr. Clean had made it to his funeral. During this mournful ad, the Kool-Aid Man sheds a tear of Kool-Aid on top of a small pile of dirt next to him. The shy suddenly began to clear up from its gloom state into a vivacious blue sky. From this pile of dirt, a plant begins to grow rather large quickly. Within this plant sprung a new life, a baby Mr. Peanut. Now known as “Baby Nut”, Baby Nut was able to corrupt the internet for a will as many now began to rival him against the well known Baby Yoda. 

Luckily for Mr. Peanut, his will shall continue with Baby Nut as they will continue to sell more peanuts for people to buy. Mr. Peanut should never be forgotten and should be well remembered for his heroic sacrifices. May he rest in peace and not forgotten. Regarding Baby Nut may he be successful and continue Mr. Peanut’s works. Now hopefully Baby Nut will be able to live a long good life in the name of Mr. Peanut. Remember kids to always drive responsibly so that you do not end up in a similar tragedy to that of Mr. Peanut’s.