Charity Week 2020

Charity Week 2020

Oliver Jamias, Contributor

Charity Week is a week long event every year where schools all over Arizona host charity events with the goals of donating it to children in need.  For 2020, Benjamin Franklin High School hosted their own Charity Week.

For the week of February 3, events were hosted each day of the week, with 2 additional events being active all throughout the week.  These two events were penny wars and donations to change the bell music back to normal.  For penny wars, jars each assigned with the name of a teacher were put out in the front office.  The winner was decided by whoever had the most pennies by the end of the week.  Said winner would also be placed in a dunk tank during the Charity Carnival on February 7th, allowing students to dunk them in water.

The other event was another donation jar in the front office.  However, instead of determining which teacher would be placed in a carnival attraction, this jar would change the bell music back to normal.  Starting on February 4, the regular bell music for every hour was replaced with the same song playing throughout the whole week.  If $1000 were donated, the music would then go back to normal.

For every day of the week aside from Thursday, events were also hosted.  On Monday, February 3rd, BFHS had a fundraising campaign at Bahama Buck’s.  If a student were to mention BFHS when ordering at Bahama Buck’s, a certain percentage of the order would go towards Fans of America.

On Tuesday, two lucky teachers were chosen to be duct taped to the wall.  These two were Mr. Klicker and Dr. Collings, with Mr. Klicker having already experienced being taped to a wall during the 2019-2020 school year, where a similar event was hosted.  For the price of $1 per strip of duct tape, students would be able to “Stick the Klick” and “Stick the Brit” during lunch.

A Super Smash Bros. tournament was hosted after school on Wednesday in the history department.  Students were granted access for $5, with the first 5 people to bring their Nintendo Switch gaining free entree.  The tournament started at 3:30, with students proving their skill during the tournament.  Participants were then split into two groups, with the champion of each facing off against each other.  The winner of the tournament was then given a $50 Visa gift card.

The biggest event of the week was hosted on Friday, February 7.  From 4pm to 7pm, a carnival was hosted at the school, with everyone being welcome to join.  Musically inclined students showed off their talent during the Battle of the Bands.  The top 3 bands would all receive a cash prize, with the band in first place receiving free tickets and a performance for Sadie Hawkins on top of a $150 prize.  After the Charity Carnival was open mic night, hosted by NEHS.  Anyone, whether they could sing, write, or do stand-up comedy, was welcome to the stage, so long as they brought something unique.

All in all, Charity Week 2020 was a fun-filled week for Benjamin Franklin High School.  People could donate money to people in need while having fun at the same time.