Rebuilding Australia


Parul Singh, Contributor

Finally Australia’s bush fire problem has disappeared…BUT there is a new problem. Australia is in ashes. Australians have lost their homes due to the fire. Because of the fire, drivers in Australia who toss a LIT cigarette can be and will be fined $11k. This will prevent any more bush fire in Australia. Australia has had enough with even one bush fire. The state government in New South Wales announced “a multi-billion-dollar tourism recovery package designed to help towns such as Kangaroo Valley”, as stated by CBS News. The money Australia will make, will help fund for rebuilding Australia. But during the bush fire, the government of Australia wasn’t the only one helping out. Sam Rodden, manager of The Friendly Inn, which is a local pub in Australia, helped save the lives of many locals during the bush fire emergency. The aftermath of Australia’s bush fire has caused many locals to lose, not only their homes but their businesses that they worked so hard on to earn.

Kurt Menzel, an Australian who hosts weddings at his wedding place, told CBS News that he hopes his property rebuilt and ready to host weddings around January 2021,next year. Yes, January 2021. That’s how bad Australia’s bush fire was. Menzel goes on saying “People have been encouraging us to get back up and running and to not wait…so we’ve been moving at lightning speed to get back on track as soon as we can”.

There’s nothing wrong with rebuilding Australia, but people are starting to consider, the fact that Australia is “livable”. There’s always something bad that happens to Australia, like the bush fire for example. After “Black Saturday”(catastrophic phase of the bush fire), if people were to live in the terrible conditions, even if its their home country, they they got to “drastically change their relationship with the surrounding environment; they’ve got to drastically change the surrounding environment in order to be able to survive and reduce their vulnerability”.  It is hard changing your ways, in which you were raised to do, but if they want to keep living in their nation, it’s a risk worth taking. For example, on January 4th of 2020, west Sydney,Australia has experienced one of the most hottest and unlivable temperatures(120 degrees Fahrenheit/48.9 Celsius)! But the temperature is not the most terrifying thing to Australians. Catherine Ryland, an urban planner and bush fire-resilience expert, tells The Atlantic, “There is definitely something about the Australian way that people want to stay and defend, and don’t necessarily want to think about moving away from the bush”. It isn’t a bad thing to stay in a “dying” country, as long as it’s your home country. Australians aren’t leaving Australia because it’s their pride/home. Would you leave your home country for good if it was basically “dying”? This scenario explains why Australia is setting up a “national settlement strategy”. Australia will be prepared if another natural disaster strikes. More safe sites, firefighters,communication systems, etc. The strategy and solution is a big change for the greater good, but it definitely won’t happen overnight, but with focus and passion, Australia will be safe for everyone.