Greyhound Bus Shooting in California


Ian Dahl, Contributor

On an early Monday morning, aboard a Greyhound Bus travelling from Los Angeles to the Bay Area, a criminal gunman opened fire on the passengers aboard resulting in five becoming wounded and the death of another woman.

The shooting began a little before 1:30 AM local time on Monday, February 3rd, north of Los Angeles on the Grapevine section of Interstate 5. The bus had 43 people on board, including the bus driver. One of the passengers opened fire on the other passengers of the bus using a black handgun while the bus was travelling near Lebec, a census-designated place, according to California Highway Patrol Sergeant, Brian Pennings. One person was killed in the shooting, a 51-year-old woman, and two other passengers were in serious condition while the rest were only wounded.

Mark Grabban, one of the passengers aboard the bus when the shooting occurred, noticed the suspected shooter right away. Mark described the suspect, “He was, massive, so tall, I remember before this happened, I noticed he had really big shoes on.” He noticed the suspect mumbling to himself incoherently when he boarded the bus and getting into an argument with another passenger. Mark mentioned that “he was muttering things, about ‘wait till we get to the station.'” Suddenly, Mark heard the suspect ready his gun and fire around eight to nine rounds towards the back of the bus. Mark retells his actions as the suspect began shooting, “I dove to the floor right to under the seat, I got to my girlfriend, tried to put her head down. I was just waiting for the next shot, I was assuming I was going to get shot. There was a mother with two small girls, who were either four or three, frozen with fear, and I was shaking, telling them to stay down.”

After the gunman began shooting, the bus driver pulled over to the right shoulder of the freeway and managed to convince the shooter to voluntarily get off the bus. As the shooter departed the bus, he left his firearm behind. Sergeant Brian Pennings congratulated the bus driver’s brave and heroic actions, “The driver of the bus immediately pulled to the right shoulder and somehow — we’re still trying to figure out how this happened — were able to coerce the suspect off of the bus.” Brian Pennings adds, “I’ve been on for 25 years, and I’ve never seen this happen.”

As soon as the gunman left the bus, the bus driver needed to get medical attention for the wounded passengers and drove to the nearest freeway exit at Grapevine Road and stopped at a Valero Gas Station. Unfortunately, one of the wounded passengers, a 51-year-old woman, was declared dead at the scene while the other passengers were taken to hospitals for treatment. One of the wounded was flown to the emergency room while the others were taken by ambulance to the closest hospital.

Greyhound made a statement after the shooting occurred, “Our thoughts and prayers go out to everyone and every family member impacted by the incident today.” Mark states his opinion on Greyhound’s security, “I feel like the Greyhound cared more about people not smoking or talking loudly on the bus. It seems ridiculous to me.”