The Hunting of Lewis (Part 15)


Braquel Schiermeyer, Contributor

When I got to the top of the stairs, I paused. I was in tears, I just needed a minute to collect my thoughts. My mind was racing and I no longer felt like I could trust the Richardsons. I sank to the floor and began to cry. I was like that for almost 10 minutes when I realized that I still had Jake’s car, and I had probably been gone for a while. I stood back up, wiped my tears, and headed for the door.

When I opened the door, the sudden rush of winter air filled my lungs and almost knocked me over. It had gotten colder since the last time I had been outside. It must have snowed at least 3 inches, and the sky was a mix of gray and black clouds. I began my stroll to the car when out of nowhere, I saw Jake. At first I was happy to see him, I felt safe again, but then I saw who he was talking to. It was a group of men that looked as if they were all above the age of 25. None of them looked familiar until I saw him. It was the man that I saw that night. The man that hit the Richardson’s car. I couldn’t hear what they were talking about so I decided to get as close as I could. I must have stepped on something because one of the men turned around and pointed at me. Jake turned around and smiled. It wasn’t a friendly smile though, it was more of a ‘finally’ smile as if he was waiting for me.

I turned and ran. I ran as long and fast as I could. I finally reached the main road that led to my house when everything went dark.

(to be continued…)