Chiefs vs. 49ers Superbowl LIV Statistics

Chiefs vs. 49ers Superbowl LIV Statistics

Camden Cook, Contributor

Superbowl LIV will be between two of the most skilled teams this year, The Kansas City Chiefs and the San Francisco 49ers. Both teams have their strengths and weaknesses, which both teams will use to gain an extra edge over the other team. It should be a close and high scoring game.

The chiefs have one of the most lethal offenses in the NFL, with reigning quarterback Patrick Mahomes leading the way. They also have an extremely aggressive running game consisting of Jamaal Charles, ┬áKnile Davis, and De’Anthony Thomas, who are all known for their breakaway speed. All three have taken a kickoff or punt return for a touchdown. These three have penetrated any defensive line that is anything less than great. The interior linemen have also performed phenomenally this season, allowing Mahomes plenty of time in the world to work his magic. The biggest weaknesses the Chiefs have tend to be in their defense. Although the Chiefs win some of the most high scoring games because of their offense, their defense has allowed opposing teams to score more than a few points. Even with that setback, the Chiefs have made plenty of comebacks in games with huge point deficits, one of which were by 21 points. The Chiefs will have to keep up their offense and also improve their defense if they hope to take the win this year.

The 49ers are renowned for their extremely disciplined defense, arguably the best in the NFL. It has led the team to the Superbowl and will definitely be the Chiefs biggest obstacles. It has moved for very few teams and could only be picked apart by the best of teams. Although it has been one of the best defenses, it has shown a lack of redzone resistance. This has been improving in recent games including major sacks that completely ended drives. If the defensive coordinator is able to find a way to halt the Chiefs offense, the win will be much easier to achieve. If the defense doesn’t hold up against the reputable offense, the 49ers offense will still be a wonderful backup. It’s effectiveness is due to its irregular strategy. It still has all the regular positions, but its strength also flows into their tight end George Kittle, who has been one of the 49ers greatest weapons. The run game has also been on point lately, and the QB Jimmy Garoppolo has been leading the team very well. The most difficult thing for him may be that his most successful passes have been shotgun passes, which are also the Chiefs most defended passes.

Both teams in Superbowl LIV are predicted to perform extremely well with both teams ready to battle it out. The game will most likely be high scoring and come down to each teams defense and offense. No matter the outcome, it’s bound to be a game for those in search of thrill.


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