My Thoughts on the Coronavirus

Onika Wallace, Contributor

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There has been an outrage of a deadly virus that started in Wuhan, China. As of January 30, 170 people have died and there are more than 7,711 cases that have been reported. It is scary, especially while knowing that the virus is here in the United States. There have been five cases reported so far in the U.S. Luckily, the risk to the public is low.  I find this virus is scary because I have seen videos of people coughing one minute and collapsing dead the next. For every 100 cases of the Coronavirus there are two people that die. The few cases that are in the U.S. would not be that scary for us here in Arizona if the virus was on the other side of the country in like Georgia; but that is not the case. There is one case in Arizona, two in California, one in Washington state, and one in Illinois. That means that majority of U.S. Coronavirus outbreaks are here near to us. Thankfully, the virus has stayed away from me because I would freak out if I would even start coughing while the virus is near me. There is not really anything you do to prevent the virus other than your typical things such as washing your hands, wearing a face mask, coughing into your elbows, etc.

In some cases the virus is contagious before you get the symptoms. Usually, the symptoms start with the virus being in your body for two to 14 days. Many countries have gone as far as removing their citizens from China to keep the risks of having spread in their country to a bare minimum. Almost 20 countries have confirmed cases of the Coronavirus. That is way too many people in danger of a deadly virus, in my opinion. As of January 30, Britain has announced that they are taking about 200 British citizens out of China. Earlier this week, China declined that flight. I could not image being trapped in China during this hard time. Many people have had to close down their shops so that they do not get the virus. I can only imagine what the families are going through that have lost their loved ones. It must be really hard to sit by and watch because you cannot do anything to help them get over this virus. The Coronavirus is definitely not a nice way to end your life.