The Hunting of Lewis (Part 14)


Braquel Schiermeyer, Contributor

The gun made a metallic noise. To my surprise, nothing happened. I was in one piece. I got up off the ground and began to run. Behind me, I could hear him trying to get his gun unjammed. I was running for what felt like a lifetime when I finally found a door. I reached for the doorknob and glanced back to see him loading another bullet. I didn’t give him enough time to aim; I slipped behind the door as quickly and quietly as possible.

I couldn’t believe what had just happened to me. I was almost in tears when I felt a hand grab my wrist. Frantically, I turned around. My eyes locked with the most beautiful, smokey grey eyes that I had ever seen. There was something about the way they were looking at me. I felt safe. He spoke, “Hannah?! What’s wrong? Why are you breathing so hard? Why do you look so scared?”

“Lewis, your dad just shot at me!” I yelled. “Why did he shoot at me? I thought you said I could trust your family. Why did your father have a gun pointed at my head with every intention to shoot me?”

“Hannah, there is a part of this story you haven’t heard yet,” he said with his face showing concern. “The reason these people are after my family and me is because my sister found something. She is a very good hacker, but she doesn’t hack for anyone but herself. Anyway, one day she was minding her own business when she came across a file titled ‘ALL the Lovely frIEndS in the world.’ She didn’t think anything of it, so she clicked on it. It led her to a list of secrets and lies. She was confused until she realized the hidden message. The title of the file was ‘ALL the Lovely frIEndS in the world.’ Some of the letters were capitalized while others weren’t. ALL LIES is what they spelled. She had found something someone didn’t want her to find.”

After he told me this, he led me down a hallway to a flight of stairs. He told me that if I went up them, I would find my way out. He said he would find me after he saw his family. I began to walk up the stairs when I heard Lewis say, “I’m so sorry Hannah” and then he was gone.

(to be continued…)