The Grammys: 2020 Edition


Parul Singh, Contributor

The 62nd annual Grammy Awards! This year was a huge hit. For starters, Lizzo,the sing/songwriter/rapper opens the show and won best pop solo “Truth Hurts”. What a great opening to a great award ceremony. During her performance, Lizzo performed her song “Cuz I Love You”, which is dedicated to Kobe Bryant. Many singers/rappers dedicated their song to Kobe Bryant. For example, Alicia Keys(host of Grammys as well) and Boyz II Men paid their tribute to Kobe Bryant in a beautiful and heart-warming song “It’s so hard to say goodbye”. Keys also stood up onstage to pay her respects and tell the audience to “hold Kobe,Gianna and all those who were lost in the helicopter crash” in their minds,prayers and most importantly their heart. Her speech was most definitely  heart-warming. After Keys tribute and a performance, Camila Cabello (stunning as always) got onstage a performs a piece in honor of HER FATHER! Cabello’s song, “First Man” was a really beautiful piece that her father, Alejandro got up, kissed his daughter’s hand and hugged her. This father-daughter moment was so powerful that it unleashed the moment of Kobe and his daughter, Gianna.

The next performance is from Demi Lovato. Yes Demi Lovato, but the song she sang at the Grammys(“Anyone”) was written in 2018,several days before she overdosed and had to take a break from singing. Even if you thought that her lyrics were heartfelt, you should look at the emotion she’s showing. She was singing her “painfully naked lyrics” so powerfully that people felt a great “stab” or “ache” in their heart. After the emotionally felt song sung by Lovato, Bts (Kpop group) and Lil Nas X (rapper/singer) take the Grammys to the “Old Town Road” with their extravagant performance. Their performance also included a memory of Kobe Bryant by placing his jersey spread out on a nearby chair. The following performance was by the hit sibling band: the Jonas Brothers! They even performed their hit new single: “What A Man Gotta Do”, which featured their wives in the music video (if you haven’t watched it yet).

Now, I’ve been waiting to talk about the best artist of all time. Maybe not to you, but to me, she is a role model: the one and only Ariana Grande. She is a talented singer/songwriter and I personally look up to her. Her dress was STUNNING! She was a cloud walking down the red carpet. I already know she won best dressed because no one could’ve beat that gorgeous dress. But let’s talk about her performance. If you don’t know already, Ariana Grande has been on tour nonstop so she was a little tired and overwhelmed; but when she got on that stage, she performed like she meant it. That’s why I look up to her. She doesn’t give up. During her performance, she performed a 3-part medley: “Imagine”, “7 Rings” and “Thank You, Next”. Ariana seemed to show her emotions during the “self-love anthem”, which I respect her for. She is an international pop star and she shows her emotions.

This year’s 2020 Grammy Awards has been filled with lots of emotion. Maybe not for Kobe, but in general. Many singers/rappers had some story to tell in song, or to an extent, they showed emotion. The whole 2020 Grammys wasn’t filled with sadness, but it was filled with love.