Cartoon Network’s Newest Reboot ThunderCats Roar


Chandler Ellerbusch, Contributor

Hello Everyone, this time on Animation News we are talking about Cartoon Network’s controversial reboot of the classic 80’s cartoon ThunderCats, now renamed ThunderCats Roar. The ThunderCats was a cartoon back in 1985 and a 2011 reboot, but it is returning for the third time with yet another reboot. When the second reboot was announced in 2018 fans were furious for various reasons. The cartoon now has a “childish style” or what some people call the “Calarts style”. This style is perceived as lazy and more childish, which clashes with the original style of the show, which was more realistic.

The two first episodes of ThunderCats Roar aired 2 weeks into January 2020. Most angered fans have moved on and have let the show run its course. “It’s not a parody of ThunderCats but a new version; it still works as an action-adventure show, just one with more intentional laughs (as opposed to the ’80s version’s unintentional ones)”(Baron, 2020). Most watchers of the new show has not deemed it as a terrible show, but just a show meant for younger viewers and not the adults that watched the previous adaptations.

ThunderCats Roar features the voices of Max Mittelman, Erica Lindbeck, Patrick Seitz, and Chris Jai Alex. ThunderCats Roar is about how Thundera, Lion-O, and the rest of the Thundercats crash down to an exotic planet of the Third Earth after there homeworld was destroyed. In the new and mysterious planet they have to face the evil Mumm-Ra and their group of dangerous creatures. Next time on Animation News, Disney +’s controversial censoring.