A Sister’s Journey pt. 4

A Sister's Journey pt. 4

Morgin Davis, Contributor

(Emily’s point of view)

The crisp winter air almost blew me off my feet as I opened the shop door. I looked down both sides of the street, not seeing a place for me to stop and think. I needed to leave the area and soon, as I didn’t know if Veronica was on her way to find me. I crossed the road to an alleyway. It was disgusting and dark, but it was a great cover for now. I wandered through, hoping that the end was near.

On the other side was a park in relatively good shape. A few families were dotted along the park benches. I found an empty spot and sat. I put my hands in my pockets, trying to keep them warm. I felt a thick wad of what I assumed was cash and a thin, folded paper. I pulled the slimmer paper out and found the unmistakable sight of my childhood treasure map. I cursed to myself. I thought I had gotten the actual map of my city. I had only a slight idea of where I was and I had nowhere to go. I sighed deeply, blowing my hair out of my face. I unfolded the map, crudely drawn in crayon and colored pencils. I distinctly remember the day Ronnie and I made it. We were both little kids, in our adventure phase. We wanted to be precise and accurate so we used the newest map to draw our make believe city. As most kids do, we got distracted the week after we created it. I smiled at the memory. This was it. I was going to complete our quest we never started. I stood up with a new resolution to finish what we didn’t complete.

Evening was upon me and the sky was a vibrant mix of colors. Like a Monet painting, the heavens were sprayed with various shades of periwinkle, blush, and light pink. The sun peeked from behind cotton candy clouds and I stared in awe. I stood up, stretching. I’m not sure how long I had sat there, thinking over my options. I slipped my map in my pocket and left to go find a motel.


(to be continued…)