Chiefs VS Titans


Riggs Baker, Contributor

Who is going to Super Bowl LIV? On Sunday night’s AFC championship game, the Kansas City Chiefs hosted the Tennessee Titans. The Chiefs, led by Patrick Mahomes, had a season of twelve wins and four losses. The Titans, led by Ryan Tannehill, had a season of nine wins and seven losses. As always in the play-offs, one team has to go home. However both teams have very talented and key players, so who will come out on top? 

Patrick Mahomes went 23-35 throwing for 294 yards. He had three passing touchdowns and one rushing touchdown. He had eight carries for 53 yards. Ryan Tannehill went 21-31 throwing for 209 yards. He also had 2 passing touchdowns.  Although Titan’s running back Derrick Henry has been an unstoppable machine in the play-offs so far, he was held to 19 carries for 69 yards. He only had 1 touchdown in Sunday night’s game. Titans receiver Corey Davis had five receptions for 65 yards. Chiefs receiver Sammy Watkins had seven receptions for 114 yards scoring one touchdown.

After all was said and done, the Kansas City Chiefs ended up taking the win. Both teams had a great season with amazing experiences. Both teams have also set themselves up for future success. The final score of the AFC championship game was 35-24 Chiefs. The Titans had 295 total yards with 0 turnovers. The Chiefs had 404 yards with 0 turnovers. Although the time of possession was pretty much equal, the chiefs had seven more first downs than the Titans. Overall it was a great game, but one team had to come out on top. The chiefs have a very powerful offense, and it was enough to take them to the Super Bowl: is it enough to win the Super Bowl? The Chiefs will take on the 49ers in Super Bowl LIV. It will be a great game regardless of which team ends up winning. One of the best offenses takes on the best defense in the league.