Cause and Effect: Leaving the Royal Family


Lexi Ariete, Contributor

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry have decided to leave the royal family and have independence with their own lives. They finalized their leave and headed to Canada, where Harry was reconnected with Meghan and Archie. Meghan and her side of the family lived in Canada for seven years previous to her marriage with Harry, therefore explaining their travel to the country

Meghan and Harry’s leave from the United Kingdom signified them giving up their royal titles, but will be official this upcoming Spring. An official recommended for Meghan to remove her title completely, but it might be mistaken as a divorce. The idea did not go through since Princess Diana and Sarah Ferguson kept their titles of Princes and Duchess, even after their divorces with their royal partners. Now, Harry and Meghan will be addressed by, “Duke and Duchess of Sussex.” The Queen’s approval of the new title is unknown. 

The Queen, although undecided at first, allowed Harry and Meghan to move to Canada. The royals are more than happy to be able to have their independence, but are unsure about their security problems. Harry will continue serving under the Queen, land, and military of the UK, but hoped to do so without public funding. The Queen, however, did not allow it. Harry stated that he loves the UK, and still sees it as his home, which will never change for him. 

With the security and funding topic, it brought problems and worries for the Canadians. Around 80,000 Canadians signed a petition to have Meghan and Harry pay for their security. People paying taxes in Canada want to make their message clear to Meghan and Harry that they support their arrival to Canada, but while they are living there, they do not want to have to pay the royals with taxes, wanting them to truly take in their decision to have financial independence. It does not seem that big of a deal to the people, but Meghan and Harry would have to pay about $10,000,000 for their security in a year. The royals’ arrival to Canada started on the wrong foot already, with the overwhelming amount of paparazzi outside of their home. 

With the couple no longer having royal support, they will soon have to embrace their new lives. The Queen stated that although they will not go by their HRH titles, they still hold their value. 

Even after all of the controversy, Meghan and Harry still have supporters. Oprah and Gayle King support the couple, fully, and they say that Harry is doing what is right for his family. Harry says that the final decision was not the easiest, and took many days and months to decide on, but felt that there was no other choice for them. Oprah says that she understands how hard it must be for Harry, since he has to break away from his family, and anyone who cares about their family would feel the same way. She suggests that everyone should stop judging their “bold move,” but instead, people should support them.