Make it Rain… Literally

Make it Rain... Literally

Camden Cook, Contributor

In the next month, the city of Seattle, Washington will receive more rainfall than in the last ten years. The storms caused need for 3 flood warnings, rare tornado possibility, and panic among the residents. Wind speeds reached almost 40 mph, which is a shocking amount considering the elevation of the city.

The flood warning went out at around to the residents of King County, Snohomish County, and Lewis County. All these counties have rivers nearby including the Snoqualmie and Tolt rivers, parts of the Stillaguamish and Skokomish rivers, the Chehalis and Newaukum rivers, and many others. Although no one was put in immediate danger of the floods, “one driver had to swim out of a car nearly overtaken by water,” when the driver drove into a sloped road according to The Seattle Times. All residents of nearby counties were advised to take cover from the storm. Flood warnings were cancelled but are likely to appear again towards the weekend still with only moderate flooding. Rain in certain areas has also caused major landslides, blocking roadways and railroads. People planning on traveling by the railroad will be compensated through bus travel, previously paid for with their own train tickets. the rain has simply caused an absolute traffic nightmare for city residents and rural residents as well. Police have had to evacuate many people from their vehicles as water levels rose quickly around them. Rain is also just a general inhibitor of driving, causing huge traffic jams around the entire city. The rain has not only been dangerous to some people, but it has affected everyone in the city in terms of transportation and travel.

The wind storms have not been kind to anyone near the city either. An emergency tornado warning was released but cancelled around 5:30 pm on Tuesday afternoon. Winds have died down but another warning may go out towards the weekend, warning of another tornado. The winds are also blowing the storm towards the mountains , which will create a potentially dangerous snow storm for people at nearby ski resorts and any residents on the mountain. The increase in snow will create another problem when the storm has passed, as avalanches then become a possibility. The wind is also becoming dangerous to anyone near the mountains.

The beginning to the storm has no definite starting point as the city does get usual rainfall. The interesting part is that the storm has not been given an estimate on when it will completely die down. Although the wind speeds are predicted to slow and the quantity of rain is predicted to lessen, rain will be consistent throughout the rest of the month, with only a predicted day to have none, which could easily change giving the state a full month of rain. these odd weather conditions have created problems that are typically rare to many other areas than the state of Seattle. The people have been lucky as no lives have been claimed to these storms, and hopefully it will stay that way.