Mom Confesses to Killing Her Children


Ian Dahl, Contributor

A woman in Phoenix, Arizona, was arrested on Tuesday after being suspected to have killed her three children, one of which was an infant while the others were all toddlers. The mother of the three kids “has admitted to harming her three children, which caused their demise,” according to Sergeant Mercedes Fortune from Phoenix Police.

Police authorities responded to the call at around 7:30 PM on Monday. When officers entered the home of the call, they discovered the children, a 2-year-old girl, a 7-month-old girl, and a 3-year-old boy, unresponsive in the home’s living room. After an unsuccessful attempt from the officers to revive the children using CPR and first aid, they were later pronounced dead.

Both parents of the children and another adult relative were present at the home when the police arrived. After the police investigation, they began to interview the witnesses at the home. According to the interview, the children were last found alive around 2:00 PM and the children of the family were also reported to have recently become ill. Other family members reported to the police authorities that the mother of the children, Rachel Henry, was addicted to methamphetamine, or meth, and was acting strange recently. This may explain the reason for the children’s murder.

According to documents from the police, Rachel Henry killed her children by smothering them on Monday afternoon. First, the mother killed the 2-year girl through suffocation by covering the girl’s mouth with her hand while the 3-year-old boy attempted to stop their mother’s assault. She then took the 3-year-old to his room and suffocated the boy using her body weight and hands while apparently singing to her child while he struggled, according to the police reports. Finally, Rachel took the 7-month-old girl and put her to sleep before covering her mouth with her hand and singing to her while she suffocated and passed away. Rachel then placed her children in the living room as if they were asleep, police documents reported. She did not tell the father or the other adult relative what had happened.

Police forces arrested Rachel Henry on Tuesday and booked her on three accounts of first-degree murder. “We are comfortable in saying now that the mother is responsible for the death of the children,” according to Sergeant Fortune. Attorney Hector Diaz added that Rachel’s trial may not be very simple despite the mother already confessing for her crimes. ”It really takes time in terms of looking at her mental health and looking at her history, and so it’s a possibility. But does that mean she goes scott-free? No, she still is going to be held accountable, but it’s different under those rules, those guilty-but-insane statutes,” Diaz added. The next step in the trial, according to Diaz, is for prosecutors to figure out exactly why Rachel decided to do this. Whether or not Rachel gets the death penalty is determined by the cause for her actions. Diaz explains that prosecutors will most likely investigate Rachel’s history of her mistreatment of her children and history of drug abuse.