Coronavirus Spreads Through China


Parul Singh, Contributor

Welcome to 2020! The year of fun ,adventures and….diseases. Yes, diseases. If you don’t know what a corona virus is, it’s basically part of a large family of viruses whose effects range from causing a common cold/flu and later can result in death. But according to the corona virus in China, many officials in China are saying that the corona virus people are suffering from is a “deadly new strain of virus”. If you didn’t know, the corona virus is an animal-human transmission. The virus in China is a human-human transmission. This strain of virus has infected “more than 500 people” and it has “left almost 20 dead”. The corona virus outbreak has started off near a seafood market in Wuhan City. Officials believed that market was the cause of it, when people began getting this strain WITHOUT going to the market. The market was closed down due to “environmental sanitation and disinfection”.  Yes, the corona virus was originally originated from China, but there have been many other places where it has been: “Thailand,Taiwan,Japan,South Korea,the U.S and Singapore”.

The World Health Organization(aka WHO), plans to meet up in Geneva,Switzerland for an “emergency committee on the virus this week in Geneva,Switzerland, to determine if this outbreak rises to the level of a public health emergency”. In the meantime, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention(aka CDC) has “deployed about 100 workers total to screen passengers at the three major ports of airline entry in the U.S: New York, Los Angeles and  San Francisco.” All three of these big cities are linked to airports known worldwide, in other words, the three big cities, each has at least one popular airport where tons of travelers go. Alongside with hiring a staff to check for a corona virus linked patient, the city of Wuhan has closed all transportation going in and out of that city and  other cities. But there’s one major problem, as stated by CBSNews: “Hundreds of millions of people are moving through China to celebrate the Chinese New Year.” This is a way in which the virus can travel faster. What makes matters worse is the fact that the Chinese government ain’t ready for people to come back to their home country, since Chinese airports haven’t yet installed screening rooms, so they won’t be able to detect any trace of the corona virus.

People who have symptoms of the corona virus are in a separate quarantine area in most airports. Even most of Australia has quarantined people. Australian authorities have “quarantined a man in Brisbane who had returned from Wuhan with possible symptoms of the corona virus. He will remain in isolation until his symptoms have resolved”. You guys may be thinking to yourself that it’s not fair, since the man wants to see his family, but for the sake of the public. authorities must do what they need to, even if you believe they are interfering in your natural rights. But besides that, the corona virus is not easy to detect. In that case, its extremely hard, even if you are screening someone. “A patient in South Korea told doctors that she developed a fever and muscle pains on Saturday and was prescribed cold medicine by a doctor in Wuhan,before being sent on her way. She was later confirmed to have the corona virus during a check in Seoul.” Whatever this type of corona virus strain this is, is extremely difficult to detect, not just for the citizens but for screeners and doctors/authorities. But to turn your frown upside down, the U.S is working on a vaccine for the corona virus, but, as stated by CNN, “it will take at least a few months until the first phase of clinical trials get underway and more than a year until a vaccine might be available”.