The Hunting of Lewis (Part 13)

The Hunting of Lewis (Part 13)

Braquel Schiermeyer, Contributor

When the door was all the way open, I saw the Richardson’s all sitting around a table playing cards.

“Hello Hannah. Where’s Lewis?” his mom asked.

“Um, hello. Um he’s uh…he’s…oh wait i’m supposed to tell you that they’re here. Does that mean anything to you?”

They didn’t say anything nor did they move. They all just sat there. I asked if they were going to do something, but they all just looked at me with blank stares. Elena was the one who finally stood up and told me to go outside, and wait for them under the closest light. It was weird to me that they were doing nothing, but they were a weird family, so I did what I was told.

I had just started walking when I heard a voice. I remembered the voice – a voice that brought back all of the emotions of that night. The voice was my dad’s voice.

“Hannah, stop. You need to listen to me, the people that you were just talking to, they’re the people Hallie was warning you about.”

“Dad?! Wait, is that really you? How are you talking to me right now? I’m so confused. What do you mean that the Richardsons’ are the bad guys? That doesn’t make sense.”

I kept walking thinking that I was just imagining his voice. Then there was another loud noise. I looked to my right, and there he was. Mr. Eric Richardson, holding a shotgun, pointed right at me. I was frozen with fear. I had shot a shotgun before. I used to all the time with my dad when we would go hunting, but being the one behind the barrel was terrifying.

“What are you doing?” my voice was coated with fear.

“You know too much, Hannah,” was all he told me. Then he loaded his loaded his shotgun and fired.

(to be continued…)