Toyota’s “Smart City” at the Base of Mount Fuji


Parker Willis, Contributor

Toyota just released plans to build a 2,000 person smart city at the base of Mount Fuji. The purpose of the city is to test AI robots and self driving cars. They will start construction 2021. It will be constructed on a 175 acre lot that was previously a Toyota factory. Only 60 miles from Tokyo, Japan at the base of Mount Fuji. Toyota described it as a living laboratory. It’s a city that only allows 2,000 researchers, scientists, and engineers to test new technology. Only fully autonomous and zero-emission cars will be allowed on the streets. This city will improve technology a lot faster and make new inventions based on the research that they get.

I think this is a great idea because it allows scientists to live in a laboratory and not be distracted from the outside world. They can also work with other people with the same goal so they can shared ideas and contribute to technology as a whole.

This entire project can be very dangerous because human connectivity is the source of happiness, innovation, and productivity. We cannot be carried to far away from humans in technology because technology is replacing our natural meeting places. Technology has helped humans forever but we cannot let it replace our human interaction with one another. Our interaction lowers stress, depression and anxiety. If we create a society with robots to interact with then we won’t have that connection with one another. Stress levels, depression and anxiety would continually increase as more and more robots come into our lives and we have less and less human interaction. Our technology would be improving by a lot but the human health would not be benefiting from this. Eventually the world will see this as a problem and will start to remove AI robots from society. We will have to find a happy medium where humans can have technology to make our lives easier but still have a connection with other humans.

The good thing about this project is that we will be able to improve technology even more faster than before. Researchers, scientists, and engineers will be able to collect and share new data and ideas to create new inventions to improve the world and the lives in it. Our lives will become easier with everything this project creates. They will also become safer because of the technology in the cars. We just can’t create too much AI robots to rule out each others connection.