What the Florida!? – Week of January 3-8


Gunnar Strom, Contributor

Police Find $1.2 Million in Cocaine in Nervous Woman’s Car

A woman in Sumter County was arrested after police found 26 and a half pounds of cocaine in her car, worth $1.2 million. Initially, 27 year old Elizabeth Espinoza was just pulled over for windows that were tinted too darkly, however, when she continued to act strange and nervous, the officers brought out a dog to look for drugs. Their suspicions were confirmed as they found nearly 27 pounds of cocaine stuffed underneath the dashboard. Espinoza is now in custody with a $42,000 bail.

Man Breaks into Home, Sucks Homeowner’s Toes

A man from Bradenton County broke into a home, not to steal or to threaten the homeowner for money or their possessions, but simply to “suck his toes”, as the suspect stated to the homeowner. Deputies say that the victim woke up in the middle of the night to the man sucking on his toes and questioned him about it. The homeowner then got in a fight with the suspect, where the suspect stated that he had a gun in his possession. Somehow, the homeowner forced the suspect out of his home and then called the police. Deputies have been unsuccessful in finding the suspect so far, and the investigation is still ongoing.

Woman Sells “Manatee” Chicken Tender For $5,000

Melinda Disbrow decided to sell a chicken tender online for $5k after she realized it looked very similar to a manatee. The tender, which came from the food chain Culver’s was placed on Facebook Marketplace just a few days ago. She said: “I saw the tender in the bottom of the bag and went to my coworkers and said this looks like a manatee, doesn’t it look like a manatee and everyone agreed.” She said she originally just posted it online as a joke, however she said that it’s been getting a ton of attention, and has close to 3,000 views as of a few days ago. Unfortunately, no one is willing to cough up the money to buy such an item.