Spies in Disguise


Lexi Ariete, Contributor

On December 25, 2019, Spies in Disguise came out in theaters. The animated film stars actors, Will Smith, who voices the spy, Lance Sterling, and Tom Holland, who voices the scientist; Walter Buckett. Lance Sterling is known to be one of, if not,  the best spy, until an unfortunate event of framing for a crime takes place. Since he is framed, officials send reinforcements to arrest Sterling, which sends him to hide from everyone he knows. Sterling searches for help, and his last resort is Walter Buckett, who has to help Sterling find a disguise, and  ultimately results into Sterling turning into a pigeon. Throughout the movie, Buckett and Sterling team up and attempt to hold their own investigation to find the person who framed Sterling. Along their way, they run into cops searching for them, creating bumps in the roads for the two.

On Rotten Tomatoes, Spies in Disguise got a 75 percent on the Tomatometer, while it got a 91 percent on the audience score. A majority of the critic reviews are balancing a score of 50 percent or 75 percent. The negative standpoints are saying that the story for Spies in Disguise did not really stand out to most, while the positive reviews are commenting on how “fun and exciting” the movie is, and how it is enjoyable for both children and parents. For example, a critic named Soren Andersen stated, “Its true charm lies in the interplay between Holland and Smith.” According to a handful of reviews, they base their opinion on the movie on the interaction between Tom Holland and Will Smith, which is a majority of the movie. Another critic named G. Allen Johnson claims, “there’s a level of craftsmanship that’s to be admired, even as you tick off every predictable sequence and plot point as it advances steadily to its obvious conclusion.” 

The movie was rated PG, mainly targeting the younger audience, which may explain why the movie was lacking the pop of a story that adults were expecting. The movie was directed by Troy Quane and Nick Bruno,  both directed Spies in Disguise as their first film. Although the movie got a 75 percent for a critic score, some critics may not have realized that the movie is made for a younger audience, who mainly focuses on the humor and colors of the films. While watching the movie, the film includes scenes for both adults and children to laugh and enjoy, which may have led to the higher ratings for the audience viewing the movie. 

The cast included background characters for directors, Troy Quane and Nick Bruno themselves to voice, along with other people such as YouTubers, Jess and Gabriel Conte. Will Smith and Tom Holland share a humorous point of view of the story.

Spies in Disguise is said to be one of the family movies that is suggested for those who want to have a laugh, with the hero-and-nerd duo. Even being heavily criticized for the predictable plot, it is highly suggested to watch with younger children because of the light humor and fun that the movie expresses.