Inside the Political Views Of World War III


Parul Singh, Contributor

To start off this, I would like to wish everyone a happy 2020 and hope this year is better than 2019. So far this year is going well, except for the fact that Trump will create another world war. Yes, you heard me. There are many rumors that are said to be true that we are going to have a world war III. This World War III topic is trending on all social media platforms, especially twitter. But let’s back up to why world war III will occur. On Thursday, the Pentagon had recently announced “the killing of of Iranian Maj. Gen. Qasem Soleimani”. CNN goes on saying that “Suleiman’s killing was a sharp escalation in an already tumultuous conflict”. This meaning that Suleiman’s killing basically provoked the Iranians causing them to go to war with the U.S. After this, fears about when world war III will start started to make way throughout many people, especially in America. On the other hand, millions of people probably already knew that world war III was going to happen after the assassination because they probably knew it would trigger Iran. If you look back in history, you’ll notice that when nations have a conflict with another nation, they start a war. Violence/war, in this context, is a part of human nature.

Back to world war III, many Iranians, in response to their general’s killing, “took to the streets in protest and Iran has vowed harsh retaliation against the United States”. Many people, including House Of Reps speaker, Nancy Pelosi, claims that Trump just attacked/assassinated Iran’s general without consultation to Congress. Great president, am I right? But wait, this world war III topic doesn’t end yet. It gets worse. Instead of people worried about the next world war, people are making memes and TikTok videos on world war III/being drafted into World War III. People are also making very “racist insinuations” that targets Iran. Nobody knows for sure that world war III might happen, but making racist memes about Iran would just trigger them more making the chance of another world war higher. But it’s technically not the “memes” fault that Iran hates us. They hated us for a while now since Trump had called Iran “a rogue state whose chief exports are violence, bloodshed and chaos”. That probably explains why Iran ain’t friendly with America. According to TeenVogue, Trump “threatened the Iranian president on twitter”. Wouldn’t you dislike someone who threatened or is really rude to you? I will take that as a yes because Iran did the same to the U.S because of Trump.

Basically all throughout the years, Iran has dealt with Trump being extremely rude towards them and all they did was be unfriendly. Probably, the killing/assassination of Iran’s general was like the last straw before Iran “exploded” and started a world war with America. Also, Suleiman was like a really important public figure, since he was the leader of the QUDS Force, which is part of the IRGC, a “major branch of Iran’s military that arose after the 1979 Islamic revolution”. You can say that Suleiman was a “big deal”, especially in the Islamic army. Going forward into this conflict, Trump had recently tweeted a “low resolution picture of a U.S flag” and in response to that, Iranian ayatollah, Ali Khamenei responded with “harsh vengeance” and the Iranian president, Hassan Rouhani responded with a simple “revenge”.  Some people are actually cheering, in response to Suleiman’s assassination aka “world’s no.1 bad guy”, but Trump on the other hand, as stated by TeenVogue, “has unknown potential to destabilize an entire region and put millions at risk”. Now that is the definition of scary and hopefully we don’t have a full blown World War III.