The Dallas Cowboys’ Recent News

The Dallas Cowboys' Recent News

Onika Wallace, Contributor

As most people know by now, the Dallas Cowboys’ coach, Jason Garrett,  was fired. The news of his firing was publicly announced by Jerry Jones, the owner of the Dallas Cowboys, on January 5, 2020. Jerry Jones made this message,  “We are extremely grateful to Jason Garrett for his more than 20 years of service to the Dallas Cowboys as a player, assistant coach and head coach. His level of commitment, character and dedication to this organization has been outstanding at every stage of his career,” on his social media account. Many people went back and forth on whether or not he should be fired, and the final decision was to fire him. Jerry Jones believes that if the cowboys have had an 85-67 record in the years that Garrett was coaching, then they should have made the playoffs more than three times in the last nine-plus years.

Not only are the Cowboys having an issue with their coach, but now there is a former cheerleader suing them. Former cheerleader, Erica Wilkins, was a big hit rookie in the 2014-2015 NFL season. Not only was she amazing cheering on the side lines, but she was amazing when she performed on stage with Blake Shelton and Usher. She also had a solo picture on the Dallas Cheerleader calendar and was named the main star on Dallas Cheerleaders’ reality show.  She ended her cheerleading job in 2017. She has decided to sue because she found out that Rowdy, the Dallas Cowboys mascot, makes $65,000 a year plus commission. Meanwhile, the cheerleaders are paid eight dollars an hour and do not get paid if they work over forty hours a week. They also only get paid flat rates for everything else they do, such as cheering at the games. Her total earnings only came to be $4,700. She is not pleased with her recent discovery and wants to have it changed for the future.