Massive Investigation Caused from a Missing Wife

Massive Investigation Caused from a Missing Wife

Rachel Jarvis, Contributor

Jennifer Dulos, mother of five, disappeared last May after dropping her kids off at school. Authorities found her car behind Waveny Park. On May 30, investigators said, they had found traces of blood that led them to believe she was the victim of a cruel violent crime. They even found evidence of attempts to clean up blood. Authorities started treating their investigation as a homicide. Authorities used K-9s, drones and even a New York state police helicopter to find her.

There had been several continuous legal battles between her family and her husband. They separated in 2017 and had a rough divorce and many custody battles creating over 400 filings in their family court case. Gloria Farber, Jennifer Dulos’ mother filed a lawsuit on him claiming he owed more than $2 million to her late husband’s estate. Jennifer Dulos said in court that Troconis’ presence was emotionally damaging to her five children. In the past, my husband has made references to disappearing to a ski resort, ‘where everyone wears masks every day and are indistinguishable from one another,'” Jennifer Dulos claimed in court filings. Pawel Gumienny, an employee of Dulos’ construction company told authorities that Dulos had used a vehicle registered to Gumienny on the morning Jennifer Dulos disappeared. Gumienny also said he made strange requests in the days following the disappearance, like asking him to swap out the seats of the vehicle because he was afraid police would find his hair in the car.

Fotis Dulos, her husband has been arrested, and has been charged with murder. Michelle Troconis, his girlfriend has also been arrested and charged with conspiracy to commit murder. Kent Mawhinney, one of Fotis Dulos’ attorneys has also been arrested for conspiracy to commit murder, but this is not the first time he had been arrested. He was arrested twice in 2019, once for raping his wife, and another time for violating a protective order that was related to the first arrest. Dulos is being held on a six million dollar bond while Troconis is being held on a 2 million dollar bond. Dulos has not been able to see or have any contact with his children since Jennifer went missing according to court orders.

Michelle Troconis turned herself in to police on  just a day after Troconis was charged with an additional count of tampering with evidence. Michelle Troconis told police she believed he had his truck washed because the body of his wife had been in the vehicle. Michelle knew Fotis Dulos was married when they met. She didn’t care. The couple flaunted their affair around town even as his wife and their children were still living in the house. Troconis moved in with her child despite Jennifer Dulos and her kids.

Connecticut Chief Medical Examiner James Gill said that Jennifer Dulos likely died from blunt force trauma and sharp force injuries from a stabbing or slashing. Dulos is scheduled in Stamford Superior Court in the criminal case Jan. 9, 2020. Jennifer Dulos’ body has yet to be found