Puerto Rico Earthquake Causes Vast Destruction


Andres Nichols, Contributor

In Puerto Rico a destructive earthquake hit on Monday. The earthquake reached a magnitude of 5.8 on Monday and followed up early Tuesday morning with another earthquake with a magnitude of 6.4. Puerto Rico has not had a earthquake this powerful since 2014. This big shake caused a major power outage and cause much destruction to the buildings.  the seismic events were able to travel across an underwater fault line causing the shock waves to even reach the island. Unfortunately for Puerto Rico, some  area that were still trying to recover from Hurricane Maria and political issues.

“We weren’t prepared for something of this magnitude,” said Ángel Luis “Luigi” Torres, the mayor of Yauco, “We weren’t even prepared for a hurricane. Now imagine an earthquake.” Many were not ready for the hurricane that happened about two years ago. Some are still trying to recover from that unfortunate event and to worsen the situation of these people they now have to deal with a powerful earthquake.

Unfortunately the power supply happens to be located in the south part of the island around where the origin of the seismic event took place. It was soon found out that The Costa Sur power generation plant was damaged which is what caused millions of people to lose electricity. Fortunately by Tuesday night, part of the power plant was fixed to provide electricity to about 1.4 million users. The current goal of the power plant is to restore all electricity by the weekend.Reports have even come in claiming that there are about 300,000 without a supply of water.

While waiting for help from The Federal Emergency Management Agency the governor had said, “The Trump administration’s indifference and incompetence have already cost residents of Puerto Rico their lives and their livelihoods, and continuing that pattern now is completely unacceptable, I urge this administration to remember that lives are at stake and the public is watching.”

Many citizens don’t even feel safe in their own homes. Many rural areas in Puerto Rico suffered incredibly because many buildings don’t follow with building codes. Gov. Wanda Vázquez announced a state of emergency and had officials examining the damage and finding the cause for the power outage. The Federal Emergency Management Agency and many other non-profit businesses began to help out Puerto Rico . Many people began to worry after the blackout on Tuesday and feared that this earthquake might be similar to Hurricane Maria. Many people are trying to help in anyway they can. Even it was just sending supplies the victims would greatly appreciate the help of others during this terrible time

“Everything is paralyzed,” Marcos Irizarry Pagan, the mayor of Lajas, a southern municipality impacted by the quake, said during a live interview on Puerto Rico’s local Telecommute station. “I hope this isn’t like Maria.”

Fortunately there have not been too many deaths recorded. So far there is only one reported. Hopefully Puerto Rico is able to recover from such an unexpected shock. Let’s pray that there are no more deaths and that their situation does not further escalate.